Shadow theatre

Go beyond reality and immerse yourself in a world of illusions and incredible experiences together with shadow theatre Delight

3D shadow theatre

Cinderella 3D shadow show

The story about Cinderella - 3d shadow show from shadow theater Delight.
Performances 3d shadow show from shadow theater Delight embodies the unique technology for today the show in such format. Every statement bears a shadow theater as holographic projection animation effects that give each unique setting, converts an ordinary show in the shadows incredibly beautiful 3D performance. 3d shadow theater - a truly new show that gives a smile, joy and unforgettable experience and that all creatures of shadow theater Delight.

The world famous story about a charming good girl, which is shown by a 3D show of shadow. Fairy Magic and transported to the show, which sees the audience watching 3D show shadows from shadow theater Delight. Colorful animation an illusion, theatrical choreography does not leave anyone indifferent person that will look 3D shadow show.

Delight will give you a lot of emotions, and if you see the shadow show with shadow theatre Delight.

Leonid, Creative Team

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