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The wonderful world around us in the 21st century, the century of high technology and the incredible technical solutions which conquers the hearts of every person. It is not first time when people can watch how at night come alive the facades of houses, theaters, museums and other buildings. Colorful 3D show every day becomes a decoration of each event, birthday party or corporate event.

The technology of constructing 3D video shows a pretty easy task and involves many different technologies that are in the final stage are combined and born a miracle which will long remain in the hearts of the audience. For Today, 3D video show introduced and in theatrical productions, giving them a colorful decoration of the presentation.

One of these 3D shadow show created and shadow theater Delight combining shadow and projection technologies for 3D video show. As a result of the combination of shadow show and video show was created by 3D production Delight shadow play, called Cinderella.

Cinderella - is the story of the good girl who is shown by the show of shadows, and carries the story of the heroine, who has gone from ordinary servant to princess.

From the beginning, setting the story of Cinderella shows the hard life of our heroine, who together with her sisters live in the same house and work all day. But at some point she realizes that can change the situation and decided go to a fabulous ball where would be the prince about whom she had long dreamed. Using the magic of his aunt Cinderella goes on a journey. Beautiful castle, charming dances well, and most importantly, the prince waiting for her at the end of its path to the ball. Spun dance the heroine has forgotten the most important thing that in 12 nights spell aunt fade and she would have to return home.

3d shadow show that create shadow theater Delight brings pleasure every viewer who saw 3d this statement

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