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How to make shadow theatre with hand for children

The art of shadow theater has a huge millennial history first appearing in China and gradually conquering a whole world.

Today, the theater of shadows also remains a rather unusual and interesting genre, attracting more and more viewers. Stories of true love, friendship, good and evil, fantastic and real stories - all this will show you the shadow theater Delight.

The shadow theater at home is a great pastime with children, you can arrange real shows for relatives. To make a theater of shadows with your own hands you do not need to exert a lot of effort, just a couple of improvised materials, hands and imagination. The theater of shadows at home is a useful and exciting activity for the family. Everyone can take part in the preparation, and it will be much more fun.

We have an amazing video for you how to make a shadow theater with your hands

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Shadow theatre Delight

Shadows theater - do it yourself

Shadow theater for children is very popular. Because children like no one else love fairy tales and believe in miracles. And this is a real miracle you can do with your child at home.

The shadow theater is divided into two types: finger and puppet.

A puppet theater is a performance with the use of additional various decorations and carved figures, which are fastened to sticks and moved according to a predetermined scenario.

Finger theater is a performance with the help of the shadow of hands folded to make real heroes of a fairy tale. This type of shadow theater for children is not only interesting, but also useful, as it perfectly trains fine motor skills and coordination.

How to make a shadow theater from the hands?

The first thing you need for a shadow theater at home is the source of light. As a light source, you can use an ordinary flashlight, desk lamp or mobile phone.

Next, you need to decide on what you will direct the light source, that is, the screen where you will show the performance. It can be an ordinary white wall, if there is no such house, you can simply attach a large drawing paper to the wall or hang a white sheet. Or you can make a small frame, pull a white weave on it, so you get a screen for the views. If there is a big screen, then it will be more convenient for you to show the theater of shadows with your hands for the family.

The screen must be located between the viewer and the lamp. The actors are between the light source and the screen. If the screen is on the wall, then the audience can sit at the source of light, watching not only the finished presentation, but also the process of the actors playing.

To prevent the shadow from falling on the screen, place the light source a little on the side and not too close to the screen, so the figures from the shadow will be more clear.

The next step is to train the theater of shadows with your hands. To do this, comfortably stay with your child or family and watch the educational video from the shadow theater Delight

This video simply and clearly shows how to easily and quickly make animal figures with your hands. Practice with your child to fold your palms and fingers so that the screen shows a “live” figure of a spider, snail, dog, bunny, bird sitting on a branch, etc. You can revive the figure as you wish, move the ears of the dog or tremble with your hands like a frightened little hare, slowly sneak up like a spider or sing a little song like a bird.

In order to make the dog larger, move your hands closer to the light source, and for a smaller figure, become as close as possible to the screen. In this way, animals can be of different sizes.

As soon as you quickly and skillfully learn how to assemble figures, feel free to compose your fairy tale and make a real performance.

The theater of shadows is easy and very exciting to do with your own hands, especially with the help of the video shot by the guys from the theater of shadows Delight. Spend leisure time with children is not only interesting, but also for the useful of the child.