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Welcome to the creative team of the shadow theatre, with a bright name "Delight". Our mission - a mute dialogue with the audience, with help of a rays of light and plastic bodies of the artists who are on the stage and present a gift in the form of a fairy tale, pervading heart of everyone who watches the show of shadows.

As everybody knows, human body possibilities are endless, and just by this slogan guides shadow theatre "Delight" creating amazing performance’s, created by the magic of the shadows. Team Shadow Theatre "Delight" is a team of diverse artists of different genres. It is dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, and guys who cleverly to subdue the fire, and also control magic of sand, who can jump higher than his head, herewith gently land creating a spectacular image in the eyes of the viewer.

We are different, but at the same time we create one common big miracle - show of shadows.The performances of the theater show will plunge viewers into a magical adventure where everyone can find a place, whether it's a small audience, or fully formed personality, with their own individual views on the world of shadows around him. "Delight" is your guide to the fabulous, magical shadow of the world.

Our goal is to show their productions and programs to fill human hearts with warmth, joy and light, to give a satisfaction in our story, become a part of this interesting action under the name of shadow theater "Delight".

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