Shadow theatre Delight - Eurotrip


Shadow theatre Delight - Eurotrip

Shadow Theatre "Delight" presented new performance titled "Eurotrip". This show tells about shadow of a girl who fly on a tour of the picturesque Europe.

Show of shadow moving from country to country, giving the opportunity, together with the main character views of the historic German; fill your heart with tenderness, ethereal lightness, gusts of love, a romantic French; clapping hands and beating their feet hot and passionate rhythms of Spain; feel soaked in the warm rain "Albion" walking to places; plunge into the history of courage and devotion to his people and to the house of Ukraine.

Fun, easy to show, supported by fast and rhythmic music will bring a smile to each of its audience and the theater group of unforgettable emotions from the fact that our audience will be on the same page with us, from the beginning of the number, to the latest figures.

The production of "Eurotrip" shadow theater "Delight" gives to see the world-famous attractions of looking at them against the sun, not with her eyes shut, and enjoy their beauty.

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