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Die Puppenstars

Last month of the year turned out for the shadows of the theater "Delight" is very saturated. It is believed that in the new year, you need to sum up, for a start step forward. Follow traditions and ower theater, and a place this activity has become a great, Germany.

Group shadow theater inspired hospitality. Residents of Germany are incredibly punctual, orderly and law-abiding, kind and welcoming. Getting into this environment unwittingly want to follow the principles, opinions, and ideas of the place. Such an opportunity has fallen and our theater. The next trip was aimed at the conquest of the German public through participation in local very popular TV show "Die Puppenstars".

The young but already so popular show, giving the opportunity to young artists to show off their talent and audience. We decided not to miss the opportunity and the Ukrainian team theatre shadows, presenting his German audience cheerful setting, called "Euro tour". Format of the event could not fail to please.

The main aim was to show the audience their skills in playing dolls. The main aim was to show the audience their skills in playing dolls. Large and small, good and evil, humans and animals, real and mystical, of a different material, whether plain paper, or the wood, metal and fabric. The level of world-famous talent show, a guest that "Delight" did not happen again, to the same in different countries, so this action is to evaluate the positive side was not so difficult. When that show shadows were presented on the second season of "Die Puppenstars" was all smooth, shadow theater group managed to conquer not a small audience of viewers, thus declaring themselves in such a beautiful country like Germany.

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