Shadow theatre Delight - Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Sport - an integral part of each of us wants to be healthy, to have a strong, enduring body. For us, the shadow theater artists, sport a necessary component of our work.

Each performance for us - it is a set of gymnastic, acrobatic sketches, as well as a huge number of different exercises that require from us specific skills. Member of the theater of shadows Delight is engaged in a variety of sports and tries to bring to our genre a new, incredible, bordering on impossible.

Sport - this is our life, so we decided to make a performance about the dream of any professional athlete – competition at the Olympic games. It may be more exciting for an athlete, not to realize that he has reached the Olympic heights, has the right to call themselves the best. It is dedicated to performance theater of shadows, which is shown by means of the shadow of the power of the human will, which is to strive to achieve the results of the world, overcoming all obstacles, falling to his knees and getting up again without dropping his hands in the most difficult moment, because the rewards are too high.

In our performances, shadow theater Delight wants to show great achievements - start with small victories. It is worth to remember that in difficult situations, do not give up, and follow their goals. After all, luck smiles strong spirit. No falls are no victories, just like soaring high, you need to put more efforts. Creative Shadow Theatre team wishes you good luck, before the Olympic victories in all your endeavors.

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