Shadow theatre Delight - Cry of the Earth

Cry of the Earth

There are topical issues relating to the huge population of planet of the Earth. One of them is the global environment. With the new year a large number of factors makes the life of the system into a worldwide problem.

The creative team of the shadow theatre Delight finds it unacceptable to remain aloof, closed to what is happening when our house is called Planet Earth, collapsing in front of millions of its inhabitants. The new production of the theatre raises significant to date social problem of mankind, which is based, is the man himself.

The man who has made himself a powerful, empowered, by their own hands, by means of the destruction of nature, shortens the age of the earth. A Shadow Theatre Delight staging wants to reach out to every mind, promise to bring in every heart, and spread information in head of mankind. The work of the shadow theatre indicates that greed, manifested in the desire to enrich, cutting down forests, killing animals, the construction of the plants in order to maximize extraction of resources, resulting in a complete collapse, forcing to kneel and bow to the majesty of nature.

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