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Your war

The history of the Ukrainian people includes many wars for its independence and culture. Since ancient times, the Ukrainian people defended the right to their existence, land, home, culture and many other things, which rightly belongs to every Ukrainian.

The spirit of a Ukrainian soldier is very strong, especially if he defends his home and family.
Creating this production, the shadow theater Delight wanted to show that no matter what the situation, a person always protects what he loves. This work is performed in a new style for shadow theater Delight - 3d Shadow Theater. The events in this video unfold in one of the small towns of Ukraine, where the devastation, emptiness and horror of modern society is came. The story of one loving couple shows the essence of the whole war, that when it comes, many lose their loved ones. The tragic events in Ukraine show that it is necessary to appreciate both our life and the world around us.

Shadow theatre Delight specifically designed a holographic image for this work to give a more realistic performance. For the shadow theater, this performance was the first experience with projection technology, and how it can be judged the result did not pass us by. As a result of interaction between the theater of shadows and the animation, an interesting combination emerged, which the actors of the shadow theater Delight so much liked.

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