Shadow theater Delight - Easter (Pascha)

Easter (Pascha)

The Shadow Theater Delight congratulates everyone on the biggest and brightest Christian holiday, Easter, and with the help of the art of the shadow and light of human bodies , collects the main festive attributes.

Easter is the oldest and most important holiday of the liturgical year.Christ is risen! - and for the whole universe, true spring began, a bright, happy morning of a new life.

In each country, this holiday is celebrated in different ways, with their own traditions and rituals, but mainly sweet Easter cakes and colored eggs remain the main attributes of the holiday. In addition, Easter has something in common of all peoples - this holiday is celebrated in the family circle, with their loved ones and it brings a lot of joy to everyone, especially children.

The members of the Shadow Theater Delight wanted to show through their creativity a part of our sacrament of celebrating this family holiday and to congratulate you dear viewer.

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