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The museum is a place where the most secret desire and things that the history of nature has given us, or the labor of a person, are concealed

. A cheerful show from the shadow theater Delight is dedicated to one of such museums, which stores the largest emerald mined in all time. The staging of the shadow theater is performed in a comic genre, where the main characters are two clumsy people who wanted to get such a treasured stone to themselves.One day our heroes visited the museum and decided to carry out their plans.

Trapped, the heroes opened the door and rushed off to their destination. Finding himself near the emerald, forgetting everything in the world, our heroes grabbed a stone and decided to go back already when they suddenly heard the sounds of a siren. Seeing the guard in front of him, they decided to immediately run, but it was not right there.

Shadow theatre Delight made this production in a comic style, which was so appreciated by the viewer of the shadow theatre Delight.

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