Mystic world

Mystic world

The story of the performance tells about the adventures of the protagonist in the mystical world, into which she falls with the help of a magic stone.

In this world, she has to overcome fire and water, she meets real living crystals that lead her into the sea world and hide her in a water ball from a huge living octopus. Then the heroine finds herself on an abandoned pirate ship where she finds a stone of unusual beauty, exactly the same as she met before falling into this mystical world.

The magic stone attracts her to her and the heroine touches him. After this, the world is again ignited by fiery colors, the main sorcerer of the mystical world appears and calls his monster to fight unwanted guests. But the heroine copes with difficulties and just as successfully with the help of this stone gets to back home.

This 3D performance from the shadow theater Delight immerses the viewer in a real mystical fairy tale and takes your breath away from the first minute.

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    3D shadow show

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