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Romantic story from shadow theater for wedding

The best gift for wedding for a bride or birthday is certainly a romantic story about love, the tale that will prepare for you Delight will dip you into the most tender sensations that only can be.

The shadow theatre is the best gift you can think of. It is shadow theater that can, like no one else, show a vivid history, after which one can observe every day.

The performances that the theater shows, like a fairy tale that comes to life in front of your eyes, is a fairy tale theater.

театр теней delight - Золушка 3д шоу теней

The shadow theater Delight  can present more than just a shadow, the 3d show, which is at the disposal of theatre, is suitable for setting up the first dance of the young, and will become the highlight of any evening. In the section of the shadow theater video, you can find many stories, and if you need to prepare something special today, you can just write to us.

New Year's 3D show or shadow fairy tale for the new year

Every year, exactly at the end of December, the New Year comes to us not a second later. It is the New Year that brings us so many new impressions and emotions, like no other holiday.

The shadow fairy tale for the new year is one of the best show that you can order for the new year. An energetic New Year performance from the shadow theater Delight  will cheer up any event. New Year's 3D show wants to see every person who believes in the wonders of the holiday of Santa Claus, who gives gifts every year. A unique 3D show is a bright decoration for the New Year's flame.

The group will present you a shadow play with great pleasure. If you have a story, the shadow group will prepare for the event in the best possible way. We can come in Monaco, France, Qatar, Paris, Dubai, London, Labanon, Ukraine and others.

Shadow theatre video work on any topic

Want to decorate the event and make original video feeders for your show, then it's for us. We will help you make a video with the participation of the shadow theater on any topic. History, which can show the artists, has no boundaries.

You want to show London, Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, France, Paris, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine - we do it. As if the city of the shadow theater Chernigov or Ukraine will come to life for you. In the video section you can see a greeting card for the city of Chernigov or the Qatar University.

Театр теней Delight - Олимпийские игры


Olympic Games

One of the video on the theme of the Olympic Games vividly shows how effectively work can decorate a small sports screensaver. The Olympic Games are a unique combination of a game of shadows and a sporting spirit.

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