Shadow theatre Delight - New Year

New Year

Happy New Year! This phrase sounds every anywhere in all languages, marking the beginning of change, that cut everything what was bad, leaving a negative in the last year, giving a new chance to change lives for the better.

The inhabitants of the planet, from the least to the greatest looking forward to a miracle, believing in the fairy tale. Shadow theatre "Delight" is no exception, and has prepared a present under the Christmas tree to their viewers. The new production as well as possible the maximum transmit a holiday atmosphere, the smell of trees and mandarin, firecrackers and noise extravaganza confetti spilled all over the floor, and the dance of snowflakes, white veil wraps the whole earth.

Theatre team is confident that the New Year's Eve is endowed with magic, so strong that Santa Claus will have time to visit all the families, but the clock strikes twelve. His number "Delight" only confirms the above. One has only to close his eyes, like a fairy tale penetrate into your home, and the swallow dance, reflected in the Christmas tree toys.

And it starts with this small, but very colorful history. Takes you to incredible places, get acquainted with the fabulous animals, and carry out your deepest desires. And this trip you will be accompanied by our team of staff ... the shadow theater Delight.

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