Shadow theatre Delight - Chernihiv, happy birthday!

Chernihiv, happy birthday!

Video postcard from the shadows theater Delight made for residents of our hometown of Chernigov.

Each of us must know the history of our city, its most difficult times, its ups and downs. The city of Chernihiv is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe and the Slavic world, the largest center of South Rus and modern Ukraine. For many centuries it was the second city of Kievan Rus.

And in 1992, the city of Chernihiv celebrated its 1300th anniversary.One of the most difficult times for Chernihiv was Hitler's occupation, which lasted more than two years. During this time, more than 52 thousand residents of the city died and more than 692 men and women were taken to Germany for forced labor.

September 21, 1943 - this date was a turning point for the city. Soviet troops began crossing the Dnieper and liberated Chernihiv. This operation was the first stage of the battle for the Dnieper and ended with the almost complete liberation of the Left-Bank Ukraine from German troops and the seizure of bridgeheads on the Dnieper.

During this time, the city was destroyed, all industrial enterprises, schools, theaters, workshops, many architectural monuments and about 70% of residential premises were destroyed.

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