Shadow theatre Delight - China Tour 2016

China Tour 2016

The creative team of the shadow theatre “Delight” wants to share with the audience his impressions of trip to the China, which is so huge that it seems like if it consists of dissimilar worlds.

"Country of Contrasts", here is how you can briefly describe this place. There are ultra-modern metropolis with skyscrapers, a tiny village with old houses and ancient monasteries.In the summer of shadow theater "Delight" came with shadow show program in the China. For the beholder have been presented the most incredible performances shadow theatre, stunning costumes, incredible stunts and of course the show of shadows - all this and even more left in their memory for a long time. The tour covered about ten provinces, among which include such mega-cities like Shanghai and Beijing, could not leave the collective of the theater of shadows indifferent to these places.

In between the show programs, we managed to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and many other attractions Being in China and do not buy various souvenirs and trinkets is very difficult. A Chinese food was unusual for us. It is distinguished by great originality, manifested in the use of special sticks.

Shadow sheatre Delight with pleasure will visit this amazing country more than once. This trip has made a revolution in the minds and thoughts of each of the participants who planned to appear in new performances in the new show of the theater of shadows "Delight" promises to convey to the audience in the next concert tour.

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