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Participation shadow theater Delight in the TV show Die Puppenstars

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Die Puppenstars - an amazing show of dolls in Germany, which managed to visit our team of  shadow theatre Delight. This show of dolls was represented by a different number of participants from all over the world, including Ukraine. Many members of Die Puppenstars showed very сheerful and funny numbers with dolls. Shadow theatre Delight with great pleasure took part in Die Puppenstars and about which has already made its video tour of the trip.

shadow theatre delight - Die Puppenstars

Shadow theatre showed the performance about trip, having visited Germany and another сities around the world. More details about the performance of the shadow theater you can read by clicking on the link of shadow theater Delight - Euro Travel, or watch the video.
Shadow theatre in Germany is all very fond and our team was waiting impatiently.


shadow theatre delight - Die Puppenstars

Show Die Puppenstars is already the second time and during this time has already managed to gather their fans of the show. The second season started in January 2017 and the first issues of the program gained more than 3 million views. The transmission consists of several ethers, where the jury determines the participants who liked them. After that, the participants get to the final, where they already compete for the main prize of 50 000 euros.


shadow theatre delight - Die Puppenstars

The amazing journey of shadow theater in Germany remained in the memory of the collective for a very long time. The beautiful architecture of the city of Cologne and beckons. During his stay in this city, the artists of the shadow theater Delight had time to visit such a beautiful building as the Cologne Cathedral, whose scale would not leave anyone indifferent.
We also want to draw your attention to our trip to China, where a wonderful world in the sky is beckoning to you.