Travel together with shadow theater Delight

Travel together with  shadow theater Delight

A wonderful world surrounds us in every corner of the Earth. The immense vastnesses of steppes, mysterious structures of ancient civilizations, architectural monuments and much more are near us, it is only worth looking around. Traveling to such places is probably the most cherished dream of every person. To realize the dream of human will help shadow theatre Delight with the help of Eurotravel performance.

shadow theatre delight - Eurotravel

Get the cherished travel ticket is probably the most desired gift for the holiday. Such a gift was received and our girl in the Euro-tour performance from the shadow theater Delight. After receiving the gift  girl starts her journey from arrival in Germany. The actors of the shadow theater in Germany showed the sights of the country and the culture of the inhabitants.

shadow theatre delight - Eurotravel

After Germany, our little girl goes on a boat to the wonderful UK, where she will spend her next few days. For its nature, England met with a little light rain, where it is the norm and taking an umbrella with them has already become a habit of every inhabitant.

Shadow theatre Delight showing this performance with great pleasure shows the viewer the next country, because the passion that takes place on the bullfight fascinates everyone. Spain - a country of bullfighting and hot sun, charming architecture and crystal clear seas.

Following Spain goes road to Paris, a city that is filled with romantic relationships and beautiful architecture. After France, our traveler  begins her journey to her native country for the shadow theater Delight, where the actors of the shadow theater made their first steps to create this show, a show called Eurotravel.

In the performance, the shadow theater conveyed all the beauty and atmosphere of the wonderful countries and, together with the viewer, visited the historical cities of our beautiful planet.

And see the setting of Euro Travel on the page or on the video below. This gift will give you a shadow theatre Delight.

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