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Trip with a shadow theater to the Azores

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The shadow theater Delight visited beautiful islands in the middle of the Atlantic and would like to share this amazing trip with you. Azores conquered our guys in the shadow theater Delight, because the amazing nature fascinated and stayed in the hearts for a long time. Small half-empty streets, small houses and those who like peace and quiet will love this place. 

shadow theater Delight  -  Azores
Ponta Delgada is exactly sound of the city's name among the Azores, where locals could watch performance of shadow theater Delight. From all sides city is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded not so long ago in 1449. An integral part of the island it is her caves, crystal clear lakes and an extinct volcano. All this magic was seen by shadow theatre Delight. Artists of shadow theater have already visited many places, as well as the performance of shadow theater in Europe and like in China, but the Azores take the first place in the list of travels of shadow theater Delight. 
shadow theater Delight  -  Azores
Direct flights from Ukraine to this amazing place are not present and the shadow theater got by means of several transplantations, but so far and long road has paid off with the first steps on this island. A variety of cafes and restaurants are quite a high choice and everyone can find something for their taste.
After sunset, the city seems to come to life and bloom, in the streets there are more people who after a hard day desiring to relax and enjoy the ocean. The embankment of the city is highlighted with bright colors after sunset and you want to walk around it again and again. There are very few cars in the city, because the city is small and it is easy to get from one corner to the other. The locals are very welcoming and the smile does not come off their lips the whole evening.
The Shadow Theater Delight has shown several performances for residents and will enjoy visiting once again in this beautiful city.
shadow theater Delight  -  Azores