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Shadow theater Delight have visited Gulliver in Romania

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From 15 to 20 May, the beautiful city of Galati in Romania held the jubilee festival of international animated films called "Gulliver". For 25 years in a row, residents and guests of this city can watch dozens of artists come from all over the world to be represented at this festival. The shadow theater Delight brought to this festival one of their performance, which has already conquered viewers in all countries of the world. Artists of the shadow theater also prepared a small surprise and brought one of their new show about the museum

театр тіней delight - Виступ театру на фестивалі в Румунії
The festival "Gulliver" takes the city of Galati - it is a small town in the east of Romania, which is washed by the Danube River. Gulliver puppet theater in Galati, together with the municipality of Galati and Galati City Council held from May 15 to 20, the XXV anniversary of the International Animation Festival "Gulliver". An event that was eagerly awaited by the Galatz community of all ages.
During the six days of the festival, children, teenagers and adults could see thirty performances that were in the drama theater "Fanny Tardini" and the public garden, among them the shadow theatre Delight. In addition, for the whole family in the Public Garden were held master classes, interactive animations of the Disney giants of characters and clowns, a puppet theater. With all this, participation is free.

театр тіней delight - Виступ театру на фестивалі в Румунії
Evening performances are devoted mainly to young people and adults. On the Galatz stage, Marcel Juresh, Michael Mihail Stefan Banik Jr., and other theaters in Bucharest were raised successful comedians who provided a good mood. The performance of the shadow theater Delight conquered the audience and was remembered in their hearts for a long time. At the festival, the artists of the shadow theater showed their watch program, which was happily observed by the guest of the festival.
For parents who want to come to the theater festival, there is a mysterious journey in the world of dance and shadows made by acrobats and dancers, and a magical adventure through huge soap bubbles.
For the shadow theater Delight is not the first international festival where artists of the shadow theater perform. About one of them you can read here.

театр тіней delight - Виступ театру на фестивалі в Румунії